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RE: bimini question

Hold on, Rick. Let me double check, but I think you may be OK.  I bought a
stock/nominal sized Bimini from WestMarine and it works fine. Let me check
the dimensions...

BTW - I am the current owner of Jimmy Harrell's boat.


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Subject: bimini question

Hello to all- hope you are enjoying the summer with your boat. 

We live in the south and have decided to add a bimini to make the summer
heat more tolerable. I  bought one on the internet (pre-fab) from Taylor
Made- a large mass producer of them.  I ordered it 4 feet long from front to
back, 60-66 inches wide, and 36 inches tall. Its pretty nice looking.

After putting it together at home yesterday (boat about an 90 minutes from
our house) I looked at the dimensions for Jimmy Harrells custom PVC one on
the tech tips which was wider. I think I may have bought one too narrow and
will need to return it soon if I bought the wrong width.

For those of you that have ones (either home made or otherwise) do you have
any idea how wide yours is? If anyone has the dimensions of the width of
either the cockpit or distance from the metal factory stern-pulpit rails I
would be very appreciative. 

Thanks and have a great summer!

Rick Bensyl

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