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I just had a sail on a new Catalina 32 in Mackay, Queensland Australia 2 weeks ago in 20 knots with swell........beautiful...the boat cut it like butter.  I have a Fleetwing 25 (same as a SJ23) and I can appreciate the step up you have made...significant!
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Greetings Peter!
It just so happens that our San Juan 23 is for sale.  We got big boat fever and took the plunge.  We bought a Catalina 36.  We love our San Juan but she is now available to introduce another family to sailing...
Our San Juan 23, Ravin', is here in Port Orchard, WA, but when we first got her we kept her at McCuddy's Marina in Portland.  I still have the trailer, but I keep the boat in a slip year round. 
There are pictures on the San Jaun 23 web sight and I have some more of the inside.  E mail me and I'll send you the pics of the inside and more details:
I hope we can sell the boat to someone who will enjoy it as much as we did, but I warn you, you just may end up in a few years with "Big Boat Fever".
Bob Rowe
Port Orchard, WA
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Hey folks,
I've been a long-time dinghy sailor in the NW but with my young family and our moderate income, I'm very interested in getting into the SJ 23 or 24. I have a boatload of questions, but I'll peruse the archives for tidbits before getting specific.
Anyway, just saying hello, and looking forward to getting involved in this class.
I'm especially interested in connecting with SJ 23 owners where I live in Portland OR, about local fleets and moorage possibilities.
Peter McMinn
Current Boat: Daysailer #568
(trade possible!)

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