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RE: Launching



We take our SJ 23 in and out every weekend.  We have access to a concrete boat ramp and have no problems.  Our routine is:


Put in:

  • Back in far enough to get the motor in the water and started, un-hook the trailer winch
  • Back in farther and stop short – she floats off and away from the trailer


Put out:

  • Back in far enough to drive her onto the trailer and line up the drop keel to move onto the trailer slot (about 4’ from the winch)
  • Hand winch (we actually installed a 12 V electric winch as the original winch is worn and it is a hard pull, it slipped out of my wife’s hand once and broke her nose!) up onto the trailer.  This way the keel will go nicely into the slot on the trailer.  If you backing too far the drop keel may not drop into its slot.


Since we can store her on the trailer close to the boat ramp we leave the mast up.


Suspect that there may be many different trailer designs.  Key features are “guide” posts at the back the help line her up, especially in the wind.


Feel free to call if you would like to discuss.




W. Dale Hildebrand, P.Eng., M.B.A.

Desiderata Energy Consulting Inc.
2125 - 18 St. SW
Calgary AB Canada T2T 4T3
T:  403-869-6200

F:  403-668-0883


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I am a newbie and looking at a nearby SJ23.  I am curious about "how-to'launch" on a boat ramp.  I looked at the archives.  Did I miss any threads you can direct me to?  I wonder how deep the ramp needs to be, how much trouble or ease it is to launch.  Also, what is the lauch to sail comfort ratio.  Such as, 1 launch for every 6 months, or 1 launch per week trip or 1 launch every day before cursing sets in.  In other words, I don't have a permanent slip.  I could anchor it for up to a week, I guess in a public waterway nearby and dingy over to it each day.  I just can't determine if this is really a "slip" boat or not.






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