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rudder problems

I have viewed the tech tips on rudder maintenance and tips on how to 
manage the rudder up to down. I knew I had some sort of problem with my 
rudder after this last trip out. The rudder would not go up of down 
without considerable effort. So a few days ago I decided to take it 
apart and repair and replace anything I found to be defective. I 
removed the rear wood spacer and noticed the aluminum housing spread 
apart with the removal of the last screw. I then removed the rudder 
bolt and separated the rudder from the metal housing. Funny thing it 
was still wedged pretty tight in the housing. I managed to remove it 
and found two thing. First there was no bushing installed so I knew I 
needed to do that job but when I measured the hole that the bolt goes 
thru I came up with 1 1/2 inches. Strange the housing at the pins only 
measures 1 1/4 inches same at the rear. It looks like my problem was 
the simple fact that the rudder was too wide for the housing by 1/4 
inch. It was wedged so tight, no wonder it would not move. Now 
according to the spec on tech tips the rudder at its widest should only 
be 1 1/4 inches. Not sure were to go from here. I could cut a new rear 
wooden spacer and force the housing apart. This would help but not 
eliminate the binding of the rudder. Or I could take the housing down 
to a welder and have them cut the welds and add some material so the 
inner spacing is 1 1/2 inches. this would fix the rudder but I would 
have to replace both wood spacers and the tiller. Lastly I could try 
and grind the rudder down 1/8 inch on each side and bring it back to 
spec. The issue I have with that is how weak would I then be making the 
rudder. Not sure how much material there is at this key stress point. 
Oh yea lastly I could contact Gene and by a new rudder. As much as I 
enjoy talking boats with Gen ( he lives just a few miles from me) 
really do not want that expense. Any ideas would be appreciated! 
Another note my center board is jammed tight in the up position and 
those tips on raising the boat off the trailer will really come in 
handy. So thanks for those! 
Kirt Maddox 
Skipper of the Gyp-Sea

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