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New San Juan 23 Owner

I just bought a San Juan 23 a few hours ago. I really had no intention of
doing so, but was on my way to the marina to go sailing on my San Juan 21. A
guy on my pier had his 23 for sale and I jumped on it because it was a
really good price.

Anyway, it has a Johnson 9.9 electric start. It has the original main and
jib that are amazingly crisp and appear to be in excellent shape. It also
has all new canvas including a really nice bimini.

I am certain that I will have lots of questions about this boat as I get to
know it a bit better. By the way, I sail on Galveston Bay out of Watergate
Marina. If there are any SJ23 owners in the area I would like to maybe visit
with you and see what you have done with your boat and compare notes.

I guess I now have a really nice San Juan 21 for sale.


Mike Hancock
Galveston Bay

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