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RE: New San Juan 23 Owner

Congratulations Mike

I have had a San Juan 23 for a couple of years and was sailing on Lake
Conroe We tried West Bay a couple of times but didn't care for it in salt.
I bought the boat to play with and have spent more time on it in the garage
than on water.  But it does sail nice and I'm sure your going to have a
great time with it.  I haven't had "TWO TACKY" in the water for almost two
years now because of time and the kids they are now into the trailer and
state parks. 
"TWO TACKY" is a project boat but in decent condition.  I did a deck top
coat on it last year and reset and resealed every fitting.  I followed
suggestions in tech tips.  I would like to compare notes.  We live in Sugar
Land by highway 6 and 90. I don't mind phone calls 281-277-4371.  Sorry
don't want the 21.

George and Jacki Farland

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I just bought a San Juan 23 a few hours ago. I really had no intention of
doing so, but was on my way to the marina to go sailing on my San Juan 21. A
guy on my pier had his 23 for sale and I jumped on it because it was a
really good price.

Anyway, it has a Johnson 9.9 electric start. It has the original main and
jib that are amazingly crisp and appear to be in excellent shape. It also
has all new canvas including a really nice bimini.

I am certain that I will have lots of questions about this boat as I get to
know it a bit better. By the way, I sail on Galveston Bay out of Watergate
Marina. If there are any SJ23 owners in the area I would like to maybe visit
with you and see what you have done with your boat and compare notes.

I guess I now have a really nice San Juan 21 for sale.


Mike Hancock
Galveston Bay

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