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Re: Window gasket?


If you can find this grey gasket, buy 3 feet of it for me. I have NOT been able to source it.


Bob Schimmel
(Always stay curious)


Rick Bensyl wrote:
Hello all-

I was inspired to re-seal my windows after reading the tech tips. I took them apart and just as predicted, the U-shaped grey gasket that goes over the glass is worn out, cracked, etc. The inner one was okay. It looks like previous owner replaced the original acrylic with safety glass, so that's at least good. For those of you that have replaced this item- where did you find the seal for it? I've checked hardware stores with no luck- I'm trying a specialty auto glass place in the next few days.
Any help with where to find a cost effective replacement is appreciated!

Rick Bensyl
SJ-23 - First Wave
Atlanta, GA
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