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RE: Permanent Gas Tank?

My SJ23, has a portable tank storage location under the seats on the RH
side, Vents louvers to the cockpit sole and a hole for the fuel line at
the very aft of the seat within the cockpit.  All that is hanging about
is the fuel line 6-8 inches as it goes over side to the motor.  \
Low CG and still portable tanks.
The nice thing is that I can have multiple tanks and just
disconnect/connect them via the fuel line attachment.  
Easy for carrying and refilling at the gas stations.

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Subject: Permanent Gas Tank?

Has anybody installed a permanently mounted gas tank in their SJ? I
would like to get the tank out of the cockpit. My lockers are not
properly vented, which I could fix, but it would be a bit of a project.

I have some space under the cockpit that is unused, and have found a
flat tank that would fit. I would have to install a deck fill fitting
and a vent, but that seems pretty easy. Another benefit would be getting
the tank positioned lower in the boat and perfectly along the waterline.

Anybody see any downsides to this plan?


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