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Re: Anchor locker

Your anchor locker was made with a drain at the bottom with a hole through
the bow. Check on the outside to see if the hole is there . It may be
plugged, or someone may have filled it in.The hole could be as small as
1/4". I would suggest that it be at least 3/8". Be careful, I had to fill a
hole that went trough the liner and leaked into the boat when it was
underway. This was a bear to find. I had to drill the hole larger, and fill
the crack with marine tex to fix it. I had to make the hole large enough to
get my finger down there to fill the crack. I think I only drilled from the
inside and not through the hull so a large hole would not show from the
Gene Adams
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> I notice that the anchor locker on my SJ23 has no drain. It also has no
> weatherstrip, and has a finger hole in the middle of the lid for opening
> It seems to stay wet in there all the time. Have any owners installed a
> drain? Should it at least have some weatherstripping?
> Thanks,
> Mike
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