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RE: SJ23 - Trailer guides

I have trailer guides on my trailer for my SJ24 and also for my 24'
powerboat that outweighs my SJ!  No problem with either holding the
boat. And both are on tandem axle trailers. They are metal posts (one
galvanized trailer and one aluminum) covered with PVC pipe. 
There's nothing to worry about.... not sure what difficulty in
installation you refer to though...both of my trailers came with


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Good Day All:

I always trailer launch Panache and have done so successfully with only 
the short keel guides to assist me in centering the hull over the 
trailer.  This past Fall I ran into a problem that prompted me to 
consider reinstalling my old steel 4' long hull guides.  They are 
padded!  I'm reluctant to do that owing to the installation difficulty 
on a tandem axle trailer.  I've seen the vinyl guides and they work well

for a power run about, BUT a 3000 lb sailboat?

So my question is addresses to those of you with these vinyl guides, or 
other guides;  are they adequate to center the hull over the trailer, 
hold the hull over the trailer in a slight side breeze?



Bob Schimmel
(Always stay curious)


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