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Re: SJ23 - Trailer guides and interior carpet

Hello everyone-

1) I also have been considering putting some guides on the trailer when I "remodel" it next spring.

2) I have been working on several interior projects and removed the original vinyl fabric (it was nasty) from walls above the shelf this weekend.  

I do not have Eagle stores in my area (live in the southeast) and can't seen to find the Breitlin seascape fabric that Bob Schimmel used.  Local marine store recommended using a thin high quality outdoor carpet made by Shaw industries. I looked at it at Home Depot and it seems like it would work well- much nicer and softer than the kind of stuff you see on miniature golf courses. Its inexpensive, durable, mildew resistant and can be glued on easily. Also comes in hundreds of designs, colors and several thicknesses.

Anyone ever use this stuff on the cabin walls or have any thoughts? 


Rick Bensyl
SJ 23 First wave
Atlanta, GA 
> From: Bob Schimmel <bpschim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Date: 2006/10/22 Sun PM 02:42:14 EDT
> To: SJ23 Distribution <sanjuan23@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: SJ23 - Trailer guides
> Good Day All:
> I always trailer launch Panache and have done so successfully with only 
> the short keel guides to assist me in centering the hull over the 
> trailer.  This past Fall I ran into a problem that prompted me to 
> consider reinstalling my old steel 4' long hull guides.  They are 
> padded!  I'm reluctant to do that owing to the installation difficulty 
> on a tandem axle trailer.  I've seen the vinyl guides and they work well 
> for a power run about, BUT a 3000 lb sailboat?
> So my question is addresses to those of you with these vinyl guides, or 
> other guides;  are they adequate to center the hull over the trailer, 
> hold the hull over the trailer in a slight side breeze?
> -- 
> Regards
> Bob Schimmel
> (Always stay curious)
> bpschim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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