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Re: Forward Hatch


I see that you don't like the SJ knobs either.  Welcome to the club.
Have another read on the Tech tip for part numbers.  I updated it for you.
I suggest using two dogs for mechanical strength and a better seal.


Bob Schimmel
(Always stay curious)


mike_hancock@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
I need to install some hatch dogs on my SJ23 forward hatch. I read Tech Tip
08 and am planning to use the Taylor Made product. I am assuming that the
inner handle used is the Part #1731 - 1994-Present handle w/post, "O" rings,
lock, screw. The outer handle should be Part #1727 1994-Present Exterior
latching handles. Right? Also, are two dogs needed, one at each corner, or
would one in the middle of the hatch provide a watertight seal?


Mike H.

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