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Boat up for sale

I have previously notified the group of my friend's obtaining of an SJ23
here in Pensacola. Currently we have done much clean up and were thinking of
using it without the sails to putsey around the Grand Lagoon area as well as
Pensacola Bay using the motor. He is now considering putting it up for sale
at a reasonable price, so anyone interested, please let me know. I can send
you some pics as well. He does not have any sails for the boat. He has
replaced the motor mount with a really good one as well as putting up new
stern and side rails that were not on the boat before. Please email for
pictures. Asking around 2,500 for boat. She is sitting on a trailer, but
friend has lost the title to trailer so he is willing to give that to the
buyer. Can give anyone interested the address/phone number of owner to make
appointment and look at the boat. Let me know. Thanks to all for all the
interesting conversations going on about this fabulous boat.

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