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Re: Cabin Sole

The interior hull liner is held to the hull by polyester putty, and vacuumed
together. This was early vacuum construction, the pump was left on for 24
hours. There may be some voids if the putty was not spread evenly. Your
floor is probably OK unless you have severe blistering, or damage to the
pan. There is  nothing that would rot in there so if it lasted this long it
is probably good unless someone has added something.
Gene Adams
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> The other day I noticed a bit of "give" in one spot on the cabin sole.
> Looking closer I saw that there was a bit of a bulge up in the fiberglass,
> with some flex or stress cracks around it. As I understand the
> of the SJ23, the fiberglass sole is glued to some foam under the sole. The
> area is between the companionway and the table. Is this a cause of
> Thanks,
> Mike
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