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RE: SJ23 Tech Tips


That is great and you are to be congratulated. I don't have a counter on the
San Juan 23 Webpage but sense that it only is hit by surfers who soon find
you're your techtips and don't spend much time on The SJ23 pages. That is
probably due to the fact that I have let the webpage practically die since I
gave my SJ23 to my grandson. I no longer maintain the webpage except to add
a skipper name occasionally. It is in Front Page format and pretty outdated
as to technology and display format and content. I would love to turn it
over to someone who would like to spritz it up and keep it alive. Just let
me know and I will give you the file page address. I have not been charged
all these years so I am not sure a transfer to someone else is possible
without a subscription to Yahoo but it's worth a try.

Chuck Vande Wetering

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