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Re: SJ23 Tech Tips


I have no doubt that the tech tips are well referenced.  Despite the many upgrades I have done to my boat, there are still many valuable tips I have yet to exploit.

As you know I am continually shopping for my next boat (or maybe second as I couldn't part with the SJ 23), which will be sailed on bigger coastal waters.  What is holding me back in buying is that I am waiting for you to buy something and start a similar tech tips.  How about a Tartan 37 or an Oday 40 or a C&C 35 or a Benneteau 361 or ....  your choice.

Seriously, I research a lot of boats and I am yet to find an owners/enthusiasts website with as comprehensive or well documented tech tips anywhere.

We all owe you a debt of gratitude to say the least.


Doug Murray

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> Congratulations sailors:
> The Tech Tips have reached the 40,000 hit mark.  Obviously more 
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> of us finds them useful! 
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