Configuring AIS data sources

Open the Preferences Panel.

First we will add a network data source. This might be from a commercial provider, or a serial-wifi converter. 

Click the “+” button to create a new data source.  Enter the address of the source (either numerically or as a name). Enter the port number. Give it a name, too, to keep track of it. Here’s a connection to a Global Cache serial-wifi converter, with a private (internal) address:

To add a USB, Bluetooth, or serial port receiver, click the “+” button again and choose the device in the popup menu. The baud rate for a USB receiver is almost always 38400. The baud rate for a serial port receiver varies; check your receiver’s manual. Here’s the configuration for a USB receiver.

You’ll need to install the driver for your USB receiver or USB-serial converter. SkunkTracker has been tested with FTDI, Prolific, and Keyspan serial drivers, and with a Logitech Bluetooth-serial converter.

Most testing of SkunkTracker used the Comar AIS-3R or the AMEC Cypho-101 receivers, connected via USB. Some testing was also done with the SmartRadio SR161, connected via Bluetooth-serial or USB-serial adapter.